I’m sure it’s around there, somewhere… right?

On to a new little side-thingy for you wonderful people who read the comments/blurbs! We are going to be hosting a “Hasera and Lark Reviews” section for a little while. The characters will be looking into some webcomics and giving their own personal reviews on the subject matter, art, and story. Who knows, maybe they’ll even sell you on checking out some of these other webcomics.

Has and Lark review:

Sons of the Forgotten

Okay, so, by the third page I counted a hot green chick who I think is a dryad, a hot red-head who wields a bow, some necromancer chick (They are into some pretty kinky things) and that’s only in the first three pages. There was also some raccoon-faced thing that I’m pretty sure need some kind of collar, but who knows, maybe it’s sentient? Just by the chicks alone, I’m sold on this adventure.

What? I have to comment on things other than the chicks? Ugh, Fine. I think this Erric guy is a pretty stand-up hero. After all, who remembers every woman you’ve met in a tavern’s name? I mean, really?

The fighting reminds me of some of my battles, there’s a good flow of action in between the panels and the dismemberment looks pretty solid for the weapons their they’re wielding. So yeah, I’d give it a read if I were you. The nice thing about it is there aren’t that many pages, so it’s really easy to catch up on. Now, let’s see if I can find some ‘fanart’ of that Lexie character…

By Ith’Ir’s scale, Erric is so cute! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the mystery of Lexie and Erric is going to drive me nuts! Are they lovers? Secret romantics? Siblings (Ew on the lovers part if so), what? I don’t know! There’s not enough for me to go on, but once I get my ‘Shipping’ board up, I’ll figure out some kind of connection!

The little beaver critters are cute, too. I just wanna take one home and put it in all the adorable little costumes I could find!

I love the designs of the women in the party of heroes and every one of them has a unique look, feel and colour scheme – it all really compliments one another well!

If I had one complaint, it’s that there’s not enough up yet to satiate my curiosity about what’s going on! I’m going to keep watching this one, maybe they’ll have some romance in it!