Seriously, Hass. How did you not see that? It’s a 50 foot giant’s foot. I mean, I guess if you were too busy with your own internal monologue or something, you might miss something so obvious?

As well, Alli has a sort of announcement to make:

I wanted to let people know about a decision that I have come to regarding My Hero! going forward.

Originally we wanted to market the comic as NSFW based on nudity but as I have been going I have found that in some cases the nudity almost felt like it was there to be there. Or in some cases I just didn’t feel comfortable drawing certain things. And on top of that it’s been a nightmare to market.

As such I have decided to change MH! to a sfw comic by taking that nudity away and putting people in sexy clothes or revealing outfits like the vote incentive of Sklee’s design.

I understand if this may upset some people as what we were doing hadn’t really been done with out it turning into full out porn.

Thank you to all of you who are supporting us now and have in the past and we hope you continue to enjoy MH! as it goes forward.

Speaking of missing out on something, it’s time for another little-known gem of…
Hasera and Lark review:


Panthera follows the story of a young girl named Taylor Quinn who gets recruited by some kind of organization that fights her plane’s villains. This organization doesn’t just hire anyone, however – it hires people who can turn into cats! Well, okay, not house cats, but like, big, mean-lookin’ cats. The kind Savages like to hunt with.

Taylor finds out that not only can she turn into a four-legged fanged monster of death, but while in this form, she’s capable of some kind of elemental based magic! Why you’d need magic when you’ve got claws and fangs like that is beyond me. Just put your teeth into some guy and it’s off to the Strife with them.

Things go from weird to weirder as more and more strange things keep happening to the kids. Of course, most of that stems from trusting some madman who says he has all the answers. Let that be a lesson to you all, if someone ever tells you he knows it all, it’s best to just give him a throat punch and toss him in the ditch – it’ll save you a lot of trouble later on.

The art starts off a little sketchy, like, literally, but the lines get cleaned up pretty good later on. A lot of minor things catch the corner of the eye once in a while, but not enough to really detract from the comic as a whole. The most difficult thing for me in the whole process was trying to figure out why no one realized the badguy was bad. He might as well have had it written across his forehead in glowing pixie dust, or whatever it is their plane uses.

It’s a good read if you’re into the whole ‘kids finding their way’ kind of story. Throw in some awesome cat-on-cat combat with magic and you’ve got yourself Panthera in a nutshell. They even have explosions. Throw in a horse chase or something and I’d say this would make a story the Order would be willing to publish.

I didn’t think I’d like the whole ‘turns into a cat’ thing from Panthera, but it kinda grew on me. So, Taylor is a young girl who finds out that she is some kind of shape-shifter who can go between cat and neutral with a thought. She gets recruited by her brother to become what they call ‘A superhero team’. As it so happens, that team finds out the hard way that sometimes good guys and bad guys are hard to identify right away.

Taylor and Fletcher make such a cute couple. I’m hoping that they don’t do the whole ‘suddenly we need to be enemies’ thing that I’ve seen happen with cute couples like this! The characters are all interesting, Jason, Taylor, Fletcher and Kira have such an interesting chemistry behind their stories that it’s a bit of a shame that a lot of their interactions get muddled up with the current arc of the story. Then again, maybe I’m one of the few people who don’t mind when a story takes a bit of a back seat to allow some of the characters time to grow (AND KISS, DAMMIT!).

The art style I’ve seen before and where it really shines is when the ‘superhero’ team are in their feline forms. The magical effects look pretty good and the locations are easy enough to identify, even if they’re from that whole ‘future’ plane everyone seems to like doing their stories in. Maybe I missed a really good book or something? Everyone else is acting like it’s everyday things, but I’ve never seen one of these ‘cars’ before. Maybe they have a sorceress under inside the thing? A tiny, really upset sorceress? I don’t know.

The story is pretty good, the art’s pretty good – all in all, I’d tell most people who were into stories about people trying to figure out the treacherous path of life while being completely alienated from the norm to check this out. I’d also tell anyone who liked cats, the idea of being a cat, magical powers or enjoys seeing those awkward “your best friend wants to ask out the Champion she just met on a date, but doesn’t know how a Neutral would take a severed limb” moments.