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Speaking of space, it’s time for another exciting mandatory bonus installment of:
Hasera and Lark Review:


Cosmic Dash

This story has a weird plane setting. It’s like it takes place in the Ninth, but there are spherical worlds that they can land on with their weird mobile void carriage. Other than that, it follows weird animal people, two ones that look like turtles, a weird eyeball creature, a blue-green birdman, a featureless grey round-headed guy and a tiny one that looks like those damned things that keep getting in my trash every night.

A weird roster, I know. Well, they have names, but seriously, you can tell who they are by simply looking at them. The main story follows one of the turtle-people. His name’s Dash and he’s got some kind of fighting training. The story seems to be roughly sequential, though it follows episodic adventures.

Truth be told, the further the story goes, the more cohesion begins to show through. Looking back at some of the earlier pages, a lot of hints were dropped at what was going to happen next and there are a bunch of call-backs to what had already happened.

The art’s well done. I mean, well done for animal people. We really need to coin a name for this. Animeoples? Peopnimals? Eh, I’ll let the scribes figure it out if ever we need to. Either way, the art is really good. Consistency and colour really make it pop.

All in all, it’s a pretty fun romp through the Void with these idiots. Though, as you keep going through it, the plot starts to thicken and there is such a supporting cast that it feels like it’s going to become one of these massive stories about fifty different characters that eventually boils down to two of them, on top of a cliff, duking it out as lightning crackles about and a damsel in distress is being slowly lowered into a pool of lava in the nearby volcano…

Sorry, I think I’m mixing Cosmic Dash up with my last weekend off… Either way, I’d heavily suggest reading it if you’re into comedy and having adventures in the Void.

There is such a lot going on in this story, I’m not sure what to talk about. The relationships between the ‘crew’ of the story is absolutely wonderful. Mara and Dash are so meant for each other that it hurts me to watch the two of them be all coy and separate. KISS ALREADY!

Right, where was I? Okay, so the story follows the adventures of the crew of some kind of Voidship. They’re doing jobs for rounds and I’m sure there’s a way lot more going on, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

The setups being done constantly through the story really makes me believe the writer is incredibly talented at planning out their story and their execution is absolutely brilliant. I can’t really do it justice and going through the story only once won’t even do it justice because you miss so much in the background until you know what you’re supposed to be looking for.

The art is so bright and colourful. It’s such a nice change from the usual drab and dreary colours that are used in some of the stories like this. I mean, the Void doesn’t really have that much colour, but these guys and girls stand out like sore thumbs and it’s wonderful!! The cast, both main and supporting, are completely distinguishable one from the other and I’ve got almost all of their names memorized,

I honestly would tell anyone who likes any kind of story to take a look at this one. It’s fun, it’s fresh and it’s colourful. It’s going on my watch list.