What exactly was in that orb? I think it may have gone bad or something? Maybe Hass should get to some kind of physician after her trip is over.

Speaking of a weird trip, it’s time for another installment of:

Hasera and Lark Review:

Soul Bound

Soul Bound takes place on a normal-like plane – asshole kings, crazy kings, people throwing people off high towers – normal stuff I can get behind. I remember when I got tossed off my first tower. I really should have been watching for that trap better. Thanks, mom.

The story follows some hot, but apparently naive woman named Mara and some green, not-so-hungry for money goblin named Sanscript, or something. He’s a little squirt who uses magic. Won’t last long, in my opinion. Anywho, Mara gets her father really mad and he decides to send her on a one-way trip off of a rampart. Perhaps a little melodramatic, I don’t know. Maybe it’s their culture? Who am I to judge. I’ve known some Savages who consider chopping off a finger to be some kind of sacred oath. I don’t know why they insist on me taking it with me. I’ve just got this jar of wriggling fingers back at home, it’s really unsettling.

As for the goblin, Sanscript, he’s got some kind of druid powers and he’s a bastard to a goblin king. I know, right? That’s almost redundant. There are, what? sixty-some ‘Goblin Kings’ in the Savage lands. Guess that’s what happens when you can grow back limbs and body parts – sometimes the bodies just grow themselves into thinking they’re the original. Sanscript is chosen by his insane father to be the heir to the throne. This doesn’t go over really well and the trouble’s just about to start.

Sadly, that’s as far as the story has gotten. I know I pretty much just blurted it all out, but there’s not much else to say. It’s a decent enough setup and I’m interested to know what’s up with the chain around Mara’s neck – maybe she’s in to some really kinky things? I dunno.

The art is ok and the use of texture across some of the surfaces certainly adds a little to the design work. Overall, I’d say it’s starting off on a decent premise. I’d be interested to see where it goes in the next little bit.

Talk about daddy issues. Mara’s thrown from a tower by her own father and that’s not even twenty pages in! I know dad threatened to do that if I ever slept with a guy (Not like I’d tell him if I had) but this guy really takes the cake!

So, the story of Soul Bound takes place on a normal plane a lot like the Neutral Plane. It follows Mara, a young(ish) princess who made her father quite angry and got herself tossed to her death, though it would seem some magi had other plans and, instead of her hitting the sharp, pointy rocks at the bottom, she winds up teleported to another plane due to some perverted bet.

The other character being followed is San’zir – a cute goblin guy who sounds like he has a heart of gold. He’s the son of a goblin king and has some kind of magic druid power. I’ve read of druids, but I’m pretty sure most of their ‘magic’ comes from the, uhm, herbs they partake in. ‘Mystical visions’ that usually wind up with a druid running naked through a fountain really doesn’t make me believe in their ‘magic’.

Then again, some of the stories claim they can grow entire tree-houses by communing with the spirits of nature? I don’t know, we didn’t really cover them at the Academy, as they’re not considered ‘monster’ material and most of the time a simple sword to the chest is enough to put them down.

So, San’zir is challenged by one of his douchie brothers for the right to rule the throne and it looks like he might just up and flee from the whole thing. Makes me feel sorry for the little guy. Hopefully he beats his brother and tells his dad to get lost and goes on a magical adventure with Mara in order for them to find true love!

Well, that’s what I hope, anyhow. It’s starting off pretty enigmatic and it probably is going to get pretty heavy, pretty soon.