It’s totally safe. It most probably won’t kill you. I’m half sure of it.

On to a serious topic, Alli and I are considering attending conventions in 2017. We’re not entirely sure how, who, or when, but we’d like to know if there is any place in particular that our responsive fans would be? We’ll keep you all posted with some plans, but for now, let’s ask a simple question:

If Alli was to make either stickers or keychain charms of ‘Chibi Naughty Monster girls’, would you be interested in that sort of thing? Got any suggestions for merchandise that you think you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

Speaking of naughty monsters (But not necessarily in that naughty way, it’s time for another thrilling and strange adventure with:

Hasera and Lark Review:

Spare keys for Strange Doors

This one’s different than most of the other stories I’ve had the privilege of being contractually obligated to review. I swear, if I find the Delver who reported me for threatening violence, I’ll cut off his beard and choke him with it. offer him a mug of ale and we’ll chat civilly!

The story, or I should say, stories, are a bunch of semi-sequential tales that follow two neutrals that seem gifted in some way in their world. One, a red-head with attitude named Marion has the ability to do some magic while the other, some black-haired, big-nosed guy named Toby can talk with Unclaimed and birds, I guess. I don’t know what she sees in him. She’s got what it takes to get a real man, why she’d settle for shnoz is beyond me. Maybe she’s into nose hair?

Anyhow, these two go on episodic stints into what their plane would consider unusual. Honestly, if I didn’t have to deal with shit like what they see on an hourly basis, I’d probably find it interesting, especially since they often don’t have to punch the stupid monsters into submission. You’d think they’d get the message the first fifty times.

The art is done by two different artists with incredibly different styles. The first is very relaxed and gives the story a ‘slice of life’ feel, but more of a ‘slice of weird life’ feel. It works rather well. The second artist turns the psychedelic up to max. It’s a little unsettling at first, but it kind of fits the plane these two are living in.

Overall, if you’re some normie, living a normie life and being all normal and you wanna see two poor normies with semi-useful abilities deal with strangeness that is way out of their league, I’d tell you to give it a read.

This is a very endearing set of characters, Toby and Marion are so cute together! The two of them work together in order to deal with some strange happening in their plane. I guess that they don’t have access to real magic, mind you, because everyone seems shocked by the goings on of the story.

The story’s beats are exceptionally well placed. A good heart filling moment followed after a comedic element. A short pause to give more soul to the characters after a semi-long arc. It’s hard to pin-point exactly what is so appealing about these two characters and their lives, but by Que’Lan’s grave, it’s hard to stop reading.

The side characters are as interesting as the main characters and the author is very well versed in bringing the spotlight on the trials and tribulations of the individuals.

The art is superb at the beginning. The colours crisp and the characters drawn in such a cute style that it’s hard to not immediately fall in love with Toby’s little button nose or Marion’s temper flare ups. Eventually, the creator had to stop due to the workload and another artist took over. The new art is quite different from the original and some of the charm of the simplistic style has been lost, but the overall feel of the world around the characters is amplified by the way the new artists presents it, making it a very interesting tradeoff.

I’d recommend this episodic comic to everyone who likes seeing two characters who obviously care for each other go through what could only be described as ‘normally weird’ situations together. It truly is a delight to see Toby and Marion together, to see their attitudes bounce off one another and see how their love for one another trumps all other things in their lives.