The man is having absolutely NONE of Hasera’s comparatives. Also, I really do hope that’s how Conduit orbs work, if not, Hasera’s going to have to wait in that line all over again!

Speaking of lines, it’s time for us to draw your attention to another exciting:

Hasera and Lark Review:


The Demon Archives: Minerva

Haha! Wow. How do I talk about this? So, this story is set in one of those planes where the Gods pretty much all died, I guess? That technology stuff is running rampant and the main character, some jaded, militant ass-kicking dude named Tenzin and his crew are trying to keep everything from falling apart. Doesn’t necessarily work out too well for them at the beginning.

The art is pretty solid. It’s gritty and grimy when it needs to be and the combat look great. Also, the explosions. I don’t know what they make that future stuff out of, but man, does it ever go boom when other future stuff hits it. It’s like that time I got a hold of Mom’s alchemical set and tried to be a wizard overnight.

The story is solid. A lot of reasons for why Tenzin is so cynical and strict. Probably has seen about as many friends die as me. The overall feel of the story makes me think that it won’t have the most happy of endings, which is good, considering most real endings aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes watching things blow up, seeing neat ‘future’ stuff and who like to try and cram their tiny little minds into what someone who has to fight for a living goes through on a day-to-day basis.

I’m not sure where to start. The story and outlook is so bleak. We follow Tenzin, a pretty handsome-ish leader type whose personality slowly starts to deteriorate into an angry, cynical and incredibly temperamental type, though, I guess there’s a good reason behind it.

The art is technically inspiring. The future stuff looks pretty neat, even though magic would get the job done twice as fast with minimal explosions. Also, the men are cut, crisp and look like they each could bench press a savage. Sadly, most of them don’t stick around long enough for me to figure out what their likes, dislikes and favorite foods would be.

The detail in the world is the most impressive for me. Even though it takes place on a plane that looks as though someone drained all the life out of the ground, the handiwork in making the buildings and locales fit the descriptive is simply mind numbing.

The story is… Pretty much a guy thing? I don’t know. It’s all about being tougher than another thing and stopping a threat and proving you’re capable of doing something, even if you’re really not. I mean, I love me a good hero who goes around throttling bad guys in little more than a loin cloth, but this is so filled with the stuff that goes on in between the action that it kind of makes me feel sorry for all those heroes I’ve read about. If they actually have to go through stuff like this, it’s no wonder Lark turned out the way he did. He’s still an ass, though.

I’d recommend this one for anyone who wants to have their feet firmly placed on the ground. The realization of what it’s like to be stuck in a life of constant combat, let alone the repercussions of something like a global war is quite humbling. Also, their dudes are kinda hot. I just wish I could get a few images of Tenzin before the story starts, maybe working out, or all sweaty because he just finished sparring and was on his way to the shower with little more than a towel on…