Well now. I guess she was right and nothing bad will happen. Nothing bad at all.

Speaking of something going ka-boom… it’s time for another…

Hasera and Lark Review:


Lo’ani’s tits, are these characters attractive. While they may be young, they definitely filled out in all the right ways. All those Elementalist girls could give Lo’ani a run for her money. The story follows a cast of characters and revolves around some kind of unstable token thing that could explode and cause a lot of damage to the city, which is called Crezure. Honestly, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the story parts… I was looking at the ladies.

There’s a lot of back fill in this comic. A lot of who the characters are, how they know each other and what they do is revealed in narrative boxes. While this does give a better understanding of the characters and their relationships, it does remove me from the story. It’s like putting a giant pause on the story in order to tell me that two of the characters had boned each other once.

The story is interesting and it sounds like there are some pretty high stakes, but one thing does raise a concern of mine. I was put into the field when I was fifteen and while I may have been the best, even at that time, I still barely got any kind of respect. All of these characters look like they’ve maybe seen twenty years on their plane of the future and they somehow have some kind of underground black market? I guess Elementalists get more respect than Champions. What I wouldn’t give for someone to let me take over a Kingdom or two without all that annoying paperwork and ‘moral dilemma’ crap.

Other than the little hiccup of kids running the show, it’s interesting. It’s got enough action that I’m not only looking at the girls and trying to figure out what kind of things they can do with their powers – or even what their powers are.

The art danced between absolutely gorgeous to pretty good. I have a feeling the artist behind the work is constantly running against the clock. On some pages, you get amazing background and beauties and others, the lines feel blurred, or aren’t crisp like the others. It’s not really a concern because it’s pretty damned stunning. The only real negative I have for it is that the artist is so talented, but falls back on using what I think is called ‘chibi’ faces on a constant basis. The artist’s style is very well developed. Why they break into such a juxtaposition of art is a disservice to her talent.

I would highly recommend everyone take a look at this. Maybe if you’re into the whole ‘teenagers who are super awesome’ thing, it would work for you. The art is most definitely worth having a look at. The story is compelling and it seems to be getting into the meat of it right now – meaning some of the really good stuff is going to be coming up soon.

This is one of the prettiest comics I’ve had the pleasure of looking at. The story is a little confusing – probably because I’m not a native to the plane, but it holds itself together quite well.

The comic focuses on the story of Inessa, Ember and Natalia and how their paths are brought (back) together due to something called a Token that is found and that’s really bad news for the city. Apparently, Elementalists are bled out to make tokens that will cause a ‘flood’ effect. Generally a big boom. So, it’s kind of like Siphoning essence. Do it wrong and there will be casualties. Or, you know, so I’ve heard. I’ve never met and Siphoners, yet.

The art is pleasing to the eye. I’m jealous on some of the clothing those girls wear. I’d love to get my hands on some of then, but I don’t think I have the figure to pull it off. It’s a little strange to see such detailed and stunning backgrounds be replaced by colour fills so often. The artist is obviously incredibly talented at both background and characters, but might be doing this in between their employment? I don’t know. I just know I’m impressed by their ability to churn out amazing art, even when it looks like it’s rushed in comparison to their prime pieces.

Overall, I’d recommend this one to most of the girl readers out there. All the boys in the story are good looking and the pairings that I can come up with are absolutely out of this Plane. I mean, some are obvious. I secretly hope that Ember ends up with Isaac, but I know her and Nik have a thing going on… I know I’ll be watching this one with interest to see where it decides to go!