And thus begins Chapter 3! “What’s that terrifying thing in the background? What’s that? A giant ice-mace in the foreground? I dare say there may be adventure afoot!

Speaking of adventure, it’s time for another…

Hasera and Lark Review



Oh my Gods! Oh My Gods! OHMYGODS! Have you not seen Helm? The artwork is so well done! The characters are so adorable, cute and well defined! This is one of those comics that should be in everyone’s hands!

Oops. Right. Sorry. Have to keep it professional. Let’s see… *Ahem*.

Helm is a story about a handsome, daydreaming guy named Eldrick Spellsong and how he’s supposedly someone important. From what I’ve gathered, he’s capable of using two forms of ‘magick’ and that’s a big thing on the Plane of Crookshaw. The story starts by following a powerful, and rather bad-ass looking woman named Luna and… well… I can honestly say I don’t want to spoil anything. There are Savages, Delvers and the mention of even Elves throughout the comic, so maybe this is like a glimpse into the future for Alteria? Who knows!

The art is fantastic. This is a professional at work and it shows. The detail work, the colour choices, even the composition of the pages indicate that the creators have been gifted with Sermali’s boon. When it comes to the character designs, they just pop. The colouring is spot on and the lighting effects, magick use and perspective is on the level with some of the comics that are produced by people actively paid to do so.

I haven’t seen art this refined and well crafted since Unsounded. So I would definitely tell you to go and check it out.

Not to mention the cute potential coupling of Eldrick and Gwyn! EeeeEEEeeeeEEeeeE! *Ahem*… I mean, uh. They certainly have Lo’ani’s gaze on them.

So, in short. Go read. Go read now. Stop whatever it is you’re doing and go and read Helm. It’s in its third chapter and I guarantee you’ll be as upset as I am that there’s not more.

What do you mean ‘Hasera went first?’ Jerza’il’s breath, that’s annoying. She knows the people wanna hear it from The Champion first – not the Guardian. Bah. Cindrani take you. It happens, I guess. Alright, what are we talking about? Helm.

What? You haven’t read this yet? What’s wrong with you? It’s got explosions. Hot, kick-ass ladies, a hero who I hope will stop being such a flowerfoot and some really neat looking armor. I need to get me some of that Crookshaw gear. It would make me look so good even Lo’ani would have to take notice. What? You want me to go over it?

Ok. Fine. It takes place on a Plane that’s a little like the Neutral plane. There’s a city with Delvers and people in sweet armour. Luna Lumere, a kick-ass Sorceress is trying to find someone. Then it goes to some kind of locomotive where you meet Eldrick. Eldrick looks like a Neutral who hasn’t worked hard a day in his life. Luckily, Gwyn shows up and things happen.

I ain’t ruining anymore of the bloody story. Derhsan only knows where it’s going and I’m not about to dissuade anyone from going to look at it. The art itself should draw you in and the story will hook you. Good enough? Sheesh.

Now you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try and use this ‘goggle’ thing to find some pictures of some characters.

No. You can’t stay.


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