While savages are capable of insane feats of regeneration, once their hearts are removed from their body, they are dead unless there’s a very accomplished healer nearby who is attuned to them. In short, Bram is dead. We will miss him and his gruff talking, ale drinking, laughing-at-Hasera ways.

Speaking of different ways. The My Hero! Patreon has gotten a new tier. Well, it’s not new, but re-worked. Now, Alli will be providing one NSFW sketch every week for Patrons who donate $5 a month. At the end of the month, Alli will either request Patrons to vote or will choose her favourite sketch and make it into a full-blown, coloured picture that will be distributed to 5$ Patrons in the first week of the new month! SO if you want in on the smut, why not visit our Patreon?