Well, there goes all that tension. Turns out Hasera is bad at keeping a low profile. Not tactically sound, if you ask me. Then again, she seems to have a big issue with her pride. I guess little Ms. Keenar was daddy’s little princess who could do nothing wrong. Maybe she’s trying to outfox Sazael? Probably not.

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Speaking of out foxing, it’s time for another sarcastically hilariously…

Hasera and Lark Review:


Do people have a thing for fur-covered Cursed ones or something? Maybe Vethu knows something we don’t? I mean, yeah, okay, I’ve banged a few, but there’s always a down side. Usually to you waking up without the rounds you had before and the curtains being shredded. Anyhow, let’s get this started… Why is this thing on-

Vuplerra is a set of stories set on a plane where the majority of people have been cursed into looking like blue, upright foxes. I think the main character’s name is Flash Gauntlet, but that’s also the name of his God-weapon that shoots golden essence from its palm. Maybe it’s some kind of moniker? I’m not sure.

Anyhow, the plane looks a lot like Lo’Ani’s – full of green plants, big trees and more colour than Quel’Lan’s mane. The plot is very episodic and goes between the various adventures of Flash Gauntlet and some other Vulps out there, whether they’re trying to prove themselves, stop some baddies from doing bad things or just hanging out like foxes do.

The designs of some of the fauna are pretty interesting and the world certainly feels like it’s not from around here. Then again, if you’re a walking fur-covered person, I guess your civilization would grow differently than, you know, neutrals. I should go and see Cirrus’ family, maybe they live in the same kind of abode. Either way, it’s not like the houses around here and adds a certain other-plane feel to it.

The scenarios are pretty straight forward and the humour used within them is good. I chuckled a few times at the way things were unfolding. It’s like reading a silly, fox-version of some of those horrendous stories they write about ‘The Lark’. A demon who is defeeted by destroying a hat? Yeah, that does sound like something The Order would write.

All in all, it’s very ‘cute’, I guess is the word I’d use. I’d recommend it for younger, less jaded audiences. For someone who’s seen a lot of action, like me, it’s more a parody of being a hero. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes even I laugh at the ridiculousness of the plots that are happening around me.

Vulperra is an adorably cute set of stories that revolve around a bunch of Cursed who have been turned into blue fox people. It’s main focus seems to be on one of the foxes named Flash Gauntlet. He sounds like their plane’s version of a legend we have on Alteria: Paragons – reborn again and again, trying to win the Godwar for their respective God – though, this one sounds more like he just wants to help out.

The world is as adorable as the characters. One thing that could be said is that some of the conflicts feel very rushed. Though, I think the focus of the creator is on the humour, so not cluttering it up with an overdrawn combat scene makes sense.

For the fact that every character other than the one demon is a blue fox, the creator has done a decent job of giving discerning traits to each of the cast to tell them apart. The only part I have a bit of trouble with is that the femme foxes all look about the same as the men foxes. While that might be a stylistic choice, it doesn’t help me try and ship characters together.

There haven’t really been any lead female characters. I think it would be interesting to see how Flash puts up with a head-strong lady fox. I need my fix of romance! Action is great and all, but how am I supposed to imagine what Flash Gauntlet’s potential children would look like with various other foxy ladies if there are no foxy ladies present? Momma needs her shipping, dammit!

The long and the short of it is that Vulperra is a good set of short stories. There are good beginnings, middles and ends with climaxes and lessons learned after almost each of the stories. I’m not too sure about the Diego character, he seems to not learn lessons – maybe he’s just stupid lucky? Again, it’s a neat world and a neat design is given to the characters. I would honestly recommend everyone had a look and see if it ‘rubs you the right way’. Get it? Because they have fur? … And I’m talking to myself again…