Happy New Year!

See? Now that’s healing. Gurtie is pretty good at it.

If you all would like, I could transcribe what Gurtie is saying into plaintext for you.

As for the hiatus for Christmas, Alli got sick, again. She got a few pages ready, but not enough to be able to pump out 2 pages per week. So we’re going to be stuck at one page a week for at least January. Hopefully we can get our mojo back.

On the bright side, we’re getting close to knowing whether or not Alli’s job will stabilize. They lost 3 people so far, so that’s looking more likely that she’ll get a permanent spot at one of the offices, instead of carting around the entirety of Ottawa.

Welcome to 2019! Let your best day of 2018 be your worst of 2019!

** Translated Godspeak: Dershan guide my essence so that I may save my friend. Help remove the poison and the ravages it has done. Keep her from the strife and I shall uncover the secrets of the essence I offer.