Hello all and merry Christmas from us to you! While we do not have a scheduled update for today, I would like to inform you how this came to pass.

The whole family has been under the weather for the past month. With two little ones hacking up phlegm and god knows what, it’s been hard for Alli to put aside time to work on pages. Add to that the travels that I have been doing for work, which means Alli is taking care of the kids alone and you have a recipe for late, or even, non-existent updates.

So, here’s the bad news – we’re going on hiatus until the new year. We know we’ve been missing updates and some of you might be angry at the slowing down of the story, especially since the current chapter is a lot of talking and not much of action. We’re sorry about the stumbling, but we’re doing our best to get back to full rhythm.

The good news is that we have four pages currently going through the sketching process! Why is this good news you ask? Let me tell you – we’re going to be getting back to 2 updates a week in the new year. By taking off from now until January 7th, Alli will be able to rebuild her buffer and get back to telling the story of My Hero! twice a week. We’re going to be trying a new approach to generating pages. Up until now, we’ve been doing it one page at a time.

Some of you may wonder why we didn’t do this before – the answer is simple, we were sticking to what we knew. Sadly, with the more time-sensitive responsibilities cropping up, we’re finding that our time to work on things are dwindling down – so the answer is to be more efficient with the time we do have, while simultaneously not driving Alli to the mad house with only working on comics when she gets home.

So, that’s the big news update. Hopefully you all understand.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

P.S. For those patrons who are still in the 5$ tier, you should have a received a special update with some holiday cheer inside.