The tricky thing about repeating Godspeak is that you’re never entirely sure what the message is until you’re done saying it. Mortals have difficulty understanding the general lingo of Godspeak because it’s pretty much words infused with your own life force.

This means that trying to translate directly what someone is saying is rather difficult if you’re not attuned to their essence. It’s sort of like a personal encryption algorithm for talking to the Gods.

Now, you will ask, how do you teach someone Godspeak? Well, certain commands are easily translatable. Most Guardians use these simple requests when they speak with the Gods. These requests are often only two to three words long. Learning those words may take years of practice. The general route is to literally have students repeat the sounds until they’re ready and then train them in then use actual Godspeak.

Now, if someone learns a Godspell – a series of words that invoke a very specific outcome, this means that they are a very dangerous adversary. Most Gods did not make a spell to butter their toast or push aside an arrow aimed for their heart. A Godspell is literally a personal spell of a God – something they created for an express purpose – usually destructive or reality-warping at the very least.