I’m sure this will only take a minute or two. I mean, she’s an important Guardian, going to an important Champion and all… Absolutely no reason why she should have to wait in that line.

This page has a few cameos in it. Let’s see if you can find them all:

1)Colbey and Peter from What it Takes
2) Syrma and Menkar from Moonslayer
3) Sydney, Rana and Astyr from Sombulus
4) Daveed from Out of My Element (On Hiatus) (He’s a sneaky one)
5) Alec from Culture Shock

I think poor Hasera will be spending many-a-moon in this line.

Speaking of moons… It’s time for another:

Hasera and Lark review:


Finally, a plane that makes sense. So, there’s this really hot half-elven beauty name Syrma who has been tasked with killing a Goddess of her plane or die trying. Pretty straight forward. She’s assisted by a ‘grey’ dragon. Honestly, I thought Dragons only had one type. Then again, I’ve ever really known two, so… maybe they did? Turns out, things aren’t as simple as that. I mean, honestly, when are they?

The story starts with a lot of time-skipping. It gets the less interesting parts out of the way. I mean, who wants to see the main character fail at using a bow for a few days before hitting the mark? So, I’m thankful for that. The story gets stronger and stronger as the time goes on, but I think the original language was Elven and it was translated into common. There are a few miss-steps when it comes to the language, but it’s easy to oversee when Lalaii is on the page. What I wouldn’t do to her. I respect nymphs and think they are more than mere objects to ogle.

The art’s pretty. The ladies all look like someone I’d want to spend a night with and the Menkar guy, while still being a skinny, wannabebearded guy, is actually good with a weapon, unlike Magnus, who can barely lift a dagger, let alone a sword. The scenery is pretty, but I’ll be honest, half the time I was looking at Syrma’s outfit and trying to figure out the best way I’d go about getting it off of her. too busy getting lost in the detail of the world.

This is one of those easily recommended stories. While there is some elven to common translation issues, it only ads to the otherplanely feel of the story. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

This art of Moonslayer is so gorgeous. Especially Menkar, It’s just a shame he’s not drawn more often wearing less clothing. who shows that Dragons are not mindless beasts and are, in fact, majestic, sentient creatures who are very misunderstood.

The story is very intriguing. Syrma is locked into one of the worse Cursed arrangements I have ever heard about. Magic doesn’t affect her and the date of her death has been ordained by one of the Gods. Worse than that, she obviously never has made a move on Menkar and the two of them would be so perfect together! Why hasn’t this happened yet? I hope the author is reading this! I want them to kiss more than once, by the Nine!

The action is good. The panel work and technical crafting of the pages is impeccable. I do love how the characters go into this silly-faced mode whenever they’re doing something completely silly or against what the other characters have requested of them. To top that all, this story has all the sexual tension needed in a good romantic action story. I would wholly recommend this to everyone, especially Lu. I know how dirty her mind can be.