Hasera Keenar, born to Keenar the Venerable. Hasera has been in training for the day she would be assigned to a Champion since she was 10 years old. Having never even been capable of healing a house plant, many among the other recruits wonder how it is that she has even remained in The Academy so long. A secret harlequin romance novel lover, Hasera spent a lot of her free time reading on the great hero Lark to the point where she became infatuated with her idol. After having finished her final test (and failing), she was summoned to the high Council's Tribunal. Her future seemed set in stone to become a member of The Order's Clerical Staff, administrating papers and new recruits - a life of boring, tedious, but incredibly useful work. A strange twist of fate has her assigned to the greatest Champion of the Nine realms - the one she had dreamed so many years of meeting: The Lark.

Comics: 118
Recent Appearance: Ch5 01
First Appearance: Ch1 01


The greatest Champion of The Order. The Chronicles of Lark is the best selling series in The Order's repertoire. Tales of his deeds are known throughout the 9 planes and his heroic deeds are sung about in every tavern and told to every child. It is said he defeated the Banshee Queen, whose voice alone could kill any mortal and that he single handedly defeated the great Dragon Vitul in glorious combat to save an Elven maiden. Truly, he is a hero among men and a paragon of good.

Comics: 63
Recent Appearance: Ch5 01
First Appearance: Ch1 01


Sazael is the middle brother of the Abyssal trio. Not having the strength of his younger brother, nor the magical aptitude of his elder brother, Sazael is truly the middle child. Preferring to improve his skillset with blades and subterfuge, Sazael is a dangerous foe if an eye is not kept on him at all times. Sazael's size causes most to underestimate his strength as his physical power and prowess have been heightened by some kind of process not unlike that of Essence Weaving done by The Order of the Nine Planes' Champions.

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: Ch4 39
First Appearance: Ch4 16


Youngest of the brothers, Bael is a powerhouse. With strength to match his brutish size, Bael is a prime example of what most Abyssals strive to be. While Bael may be large and his strength formidable, it is worth noting that his physical prowess and power are beyond that of any Abyssal who has not undergone Essence Weaving from The Order of the Nine Planes.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Ch4 38
First Appearance: Ch4 16


Luina Sharptusk, Guardian of the Order, best friend of Hasera and, as Savages, go, quite civilized. She and Hasera have been best of friends for years and it seems as though Hasera has told some things to Lu in confidence. Carrying the scars of her exploits like many of her kind, Luina isn't afraid of getting into trouble, into fights, or into a loft of hay with a nice, strong suitor. She is a polar opposite to Hasera's outward prudence. It makes some wonder exactly what is keeping these two oddballs friends.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Ch2 08
First Appearance: Ch2 02


Abyssal High Lord Sasskra. Ooooh! Isn't he scary looking! You should totally come back here and check him out when he shows up in the comic! For now... OooOOooOOoooo... villainous material!

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Ch4 39
First Appearance: Ch1 24


Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Ch4 37
First Appearance: Ch4 34


Succubus Queen of the Abyssals. They say if you sleep with a Succubus that they swallow your soul. Lu's pretty sure that's just a myth.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Ch2 08
First Appearance: Ch2 06


Top of his and Hasera's class, Calen is an elf of exquisite taste and little tact. Much like the other followers of Lo'ani, Calen believes in poise, perfection and distinction in all aspects of life. He grew tired of hearing Hasera go on and on about her storybook hero, to the point where even the mention of the name sends him in a tiff.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Ch1 18
First Appearance: Ch1 17


What's with the horns? Scales? What is Sklee? What a question to ask. Sklee is one of the two remaining Dragons in the Nine. As an endangered species, no harm is allowed to befall her without serious legal ramifications... And she knows it.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Ch1 24